New Realm’s Mitch Steele on His Approach to Innovative Brewing

From hop bursting to nailing classic styles, Mitch Steele, co-founder of New Realm Brewing, discusses how he and his team incorporate innovation and inspiration in the brewhouse…

Newrealmbrewing Mitch Steele COO, Brewmaster & Co Founder2 CBB

New Realm Brewing Company considers creativity and innovation so vital to the brewery that these are included on their list of seven core company values. After years of experience within the brewing industry, the three cofounders created New Realm Brewing to be a company with no boundaries, pushing the limits and breaking the paradigm of what a brewery should be. Mitch Steele, one of the cofounders, talks about how the New Realm brewing team approaches innovation.

What excited you the most about the opportunity to create a “new realm” within the brewing industry as one of the cofounders of New Realm Brewing Company?

“It was really my first opportunity to start something from the ground up and build a brand. One of the things I like about brewing at New Realm is that, with our two restaurants, we can brew both classic styles and really innovative beers and have an audience for both. My goal in our restaurants is to have at least one beer that works for every single person that walks in the door. That’s been liberating for me.”

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