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Executive Chef Josue Barona draws inspiration from Atlanta’s diverse food scene and locally sourced ingredients to create an approachable menu rooted in tradition. Our blend of global flavors and southern techniques pair comfortably with the restaurant’s inviting setting.


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Locally Made Bavarian Pretzel$11.99

Field Pea Hummus$11.99

Radishes, Olive Oil, Flatbread (V)

BBQ Shrimp Open-Faced Tacos$14.49

Pickled Onions, Avocado Crema, Queso Fresco

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings$14.49

Crunchy Vegetables, Ranch & Blue Cheese Dressing (G)

Baked Maryland Crab Dip$15.99

Red Peppers, Cream Cheese, Sea-Salt Lavash

Black Angus Beef Meatballs$16.49

House Ground Brisket, Chuck & Short Rib Tomato Sauce, Grits, Basil, Fresh Mozzarella

Asian-Style Loaded Fries$12.49

Char Siu Pork, Sriracha, Cilantro, Garlic-Miso Mayo

Crusted Mac and Cheese$11.99


Green Salad$10.99

Brewhouse Cobb Salad$18.99

Tucker Farm Mixed Lettuces, Hazy Beer Vinaigrette, Smoked Chicken, Nuskie Bacon, Avocado, Boiled Egg, Tomato, Cucumber, Thomasville Tomme

Romaine & Tuscan Kale Caesar$12.99

Parmesan Croutons, Garlic Dressing

Bigger Bites

Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich$15.99

Burger Patty$8.00

Fish and Chips$17.99


Shrimp Po Boy$14.49

Breaded & Fried Shrimp, Cuban Loaf, Cajun Remoulade.

Beyond Burger®$16.99

~Revolutionary Plant-Based Burger~ White Cheddar, House-made Sour Pickles, Special Sauce, Brioche Bun (V)

Braised Beef Meatball Sub$14.49

Mozzarella, Basil Pesto, Arugula

Ultimate Wagyu Burger$16.99

~Premium Wagyu Beef Burger~ House-Made Cheddar Fondue, Dunkel Bacon Sauce, Beefonaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Brioche Bun

Free-Range Roasted Turkey$14.99

Smoked Turkey, White Cheddar, Jerky Bacon, Arugula, White BBQ Sauce

Hand-Pressed Cuban$13.99

Pork Belly, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, House-made Sour Pickles

Hawaiian-style Ahi Tuna Poke$18.99

Red Quinoa, Ahi Tuna, Avocado, Pineapple, Radish, Edamame, , Pickled Ginger, Ginger Dressing

Smoked Half Chicken$19.99

Hazy Like a Fox Beer Glaze, Seasonal vegetables, Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Beef Birria De Res Tacos$18.49

3 Birria Style Braised Beef Brisket Tacos with Jus, El Milagro Tortillas and Oaxaca Queso, Soito Black Beans, NRB Hopped Chili-Lime Elote Street Corn. Topped With Onions & Cilantro

"B-ATL" Grilled Cheese$13.99

Bacon, Thomasville Tomme, Tomatoes, Arugula

New Realm Burger$15.99

House-Ground Brisket, Chuck & Short Rib White Cheddar, Pickles, Special Sauce, Brioche Bun


P-Pepperoni Pizza$18.49

P-Meat Head$21.00

Margherita Pizza$17.49

San Marzano Tomato, Mozzarella, Torn Basil (V)

Garden Bianco Pizza$18.49

Afredo, Buffala Mozzarella, Parmesan Reggiano, Caramelized Onions, Ricotta, Roasted Seasonal Veggies (V)

Cheese Pizza$17.49

Buffalo Chicken Pizza$18.99

Alfredo, Mozzarella Di Bufala Parmesan Reggiano, Hot Buffalo Chicken, Ranch


Vanilla ice cream SCOOP$3.00

Vanilla Ice Cream Double SCOOP$6.00


Banana Pudding$11.00

Coffee Extract, Whipped Cream, Caramelized Bananas

House-made Vanilla Shake$8.99


Kids Mickey Pancake$8.49

Kids Mini Basic Breakfast$8.49

Kids Salad$8.49

Kids Slider$8.49

Kids Souvenir Cup$5.00

Kids Drinks$0.00

Kids Pasta$8.49

Kids Pepperoni Pizza$8.99

Kids Cheese Pizza$8.49

Kids Chicken Fingers$8.49



Beer Cheese$1.00

Jalapeno Mustard$1.00

White Balsamic Vin$1.00

BBQ Sauce$1.00



Blue Cheese$1.00

Buffalo Sauce$1.00

Honey Mustard$1.00


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Tropic Dream (15 Pack)

Tropic Dream (15 Pack)$15.99


BA Doomsday Hound-Rye (Bottle)$9.99

BA Quad-Bourbon (Bottle)$9.99

BA Quad-Rum (Bottle)$9.99

BA Brown-Bourbon (Bottle)$9.99

BA Doomsday Hound-Bourbon (Bottle)$9.99

BA Tripel (Bottle)$10.99

Tank Dog West Coast (CAN)$4.99

Mango Tank Dog (CAN)$4.99

HAZY Tank Dog Can$4.99

Oaxaca Choca (Bottle)$10.99

BA Brown-Rum (Bottle)$9.99


Seasonal Variety Mixpack (12 Pack)$17.99

Alpha Water Seltzer (12 Pack)$16.99


BBS Southern Light Lager (6 Pack)$0.00

KickFlipper (6 Pack)$10.99

Lime of the Party (6 Pack)$10.99

Cheers To Warm WelcomeHazy IPA (6 pack)$14.99

Munich Dunkel (6 Pack)$10.99

Mixed 6 Pack (6 Pack)$10.99

Ascot Owl (6 Pack)$12.99

Bavarian Prince (6 Pack)$10.99

Tank Dog Hazy (6 Pack)$14.99

Beach Bounty (6 Pack)$10.99

Tropic Dream (6 Pack)$10.99

Special Release Mix Pack (6 Pack)$11.99

Psychedelic Rabbit (6 Pack)$12.99

Hazy Like a Fox (6 Pack)$10.99

Hoplandia IPA (6 Pack)$10.99

Hoptropolis IPA (6 Pack)$9.99

Hold On Juicy (6 Pack)$14.99

Euphonia Pilsner (6 Pack)$9.99

Ale Of Engine (6 Pack)$14.99

Blackberry Smoke (6 Pack)$14.99

Vienna Lager (6 Pack)$14.99


Oaxaca Choca (4 Pack)$18.99

Lovin' Hazy DIPA (4 Pack)$16.99

Sound of Your Own Wheels (4 Pack)$16.99

4pk Hazy Tank Dog 19.2oz$18.99

32 OZ

32oz Mango Tank Dog$18.50

32oz Psychadelic Rabbit$14.00

32oz Old Fourth Ward$22.50

32oz Mahallo Y'all$16.00

32oz Hold On Juicy$18.50

32oz Tight Nit Wit$16.00

32oz Hopbominable$18.50

32oz English Porter$15.00

32oz English Pale Ale$15.00

32oz HLAOx$18.50

32oz Harvest Ale$22.00

32oz Oaxaca Choca$22.50

32oz Bavarian Prince$15.00

32oz Doomsday Rye$25.00

32oz Southern Tee$16.00

32oz Maibock$16.00

32oz BB Smoke$16.00

32oz Tropic Dream$16.00

32oz Tripel$21.50

32oz Porterhorse$18.50

32oz Tequila IMP Berliner$22.50

32oz Munich Dunkel$15.00

32oz Hoptropolis$14.00

32oz Lime Of The Party$16.00

32oz Hoplandia$14.00

32oz Euphonia$14.00

32oz Haze Dipper$16.00

32oz Hazy Fox$14.00

32oz Hefeweizen$15.00

32oz Cucumber Seltzer$15.00

32oz Commissioner$15.00

32oz BB Acai$15.00

32oz Black Cherry Seltzer$15.00

32oz Anniversary Pils$18.50


NA Hazy (CAN)$7.00


Hot Chocolate$4.00

Peach Tea Refill$0.00

NRB Artisanal Water$5.00

Peach Tea$5.00

Peach Lemonade Refill$0.00

Peach Lemonade$5.00


Blue Powerade$4.50

Yellow Powerade$4.50

Purple Powerade$4.50

20oz Sprite$4.00

20oz Pibb$4.00

20oz Coke$4.00

Root Beer$3.99

Dasani Bottle$4.00

Ginger Beer$5.00

Cranberry Juice$3.00

Coconut Red Bull$5.00

Blueberry Red Bull$5.00

Yellow Redbull$5.00

SF Redbull$5.00


Pineapple Juice$5.00

Grapefruit Juice$5.00



Soda Water$3.99

Unsweet Tea$3.99


Sweet Tea$3.99



Diet Coke$3.99

Coke Zero$3.99



Canned Cocktails TO GO

Orange Crush (4 Pack)$11.99

Vodka Cranberry (4 Pack)$11.99

Lemondrop (4 Pack)$11.99

Margarita (4 Pack)$11.99

Ready To Drink Cocktail Mix Pack (12 Pack)$17.99

Peach Green Tea (4 Pack)$11.99

Bourbon Lemonade (4 Pack)$11.99

The Best Restaurant in Town!

Fresh Food from Local Purveyors

Incredible food and fresh, local ingredients go hand in hand. When available we always use local ingredients from these local purveyors:

Springer Mountain Farms: Locally sourced chicken
Ashland Farms: Local Micro Greens
High Road Craft Ice Cream: Local ice cream
Latte Buckhead: Local ice cream
Bobby Brit Produce: Local vegetables

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