New Realm


Here, we believe in a new realm of thinking, doing and most importantly brewing. We ask questions. Rethink tradition. Bend the rules. Reconfigure boundaries. What we do next all comes down to one simple pursuit: to never become stale in any sense or style.

New Realm Radegast

Our Story

In 2016, we went out on our own and envisioned a place full of unlimited, untapped brewing territory and promise — a domain pioneered by those who don’t believe they have drank, brewed or ideated it all. Free from dictated rule, one-sided palates and predefined recipes entrenched in centuries of repetition and stubborn routine, our brewmaster and group of master beer drinkers broke brewing ground in the heart of Atlanta and established what we hope is just the beginning for our new brewing venture. Shortly thereafter in 2018, we opened our production facility and restaurant taproom in the Virginia Beach, VA community.

Meet The

New Realm Team

Carey Falcone Ceo And Co Founder
Carey Falcone

CEO & Co-Founder
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Bob Powers Cco And Co Founder
Bob Powers

CCO & Co-Founder
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Mitch Steele Coo Brewmaster And Co Founder
Mitch Steele

Brewmaster, COO &
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Brian M CFO
Brian M.


Elizabeth C VP, HR
Elizabeth C.

VP, Human Resources

Jeff T. For Site
Jeff T.

General Manager, GA

Megan B For Site
Megan B.

Executive Chef, GA

Tyler D Head Brewer
Tyler D.

Head Brewer, GA

Grant M. For Site
Grant M.

Director of Culinary
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Tommy K. For Site
Tommy K.

General Manager, VA

Richard S. For Site
Richard S.

Executive Chef, VA

Evan C. For Site
Evan C.

Head Brewer, VA

Jeff A VP FB
Jeff A.

Executive VP of Food & Beverage

Chris B. For Site
Christopher B.

Assistant General Manager

Jen Blair
Jen B.

Beer Program Manager

Michelle L For Site
Michelle B.


Chaz C. VP Biz Dev
Jeff “Chaz” C.

VP, Business Development

Zack C For Site
Zack C.

Lead Brewer

Jason C Exec Sous Chef
Jason C.

Executive Sous Chef

Sawyer D. Brewer For Site
Sawyer D.


Jen K. Administrative Support Specialist
Jen F.

Administrative Support Specialist

Matt F. Brewer For Site
Matt F.


Stefani H. Restaurant Manager 2
Stefani H.

Restaurant Manager

Michael L. Restaurant Manager For Site
Michael L.

Restaurant Manager

Erik L. Brand Marketing Coordinator
Erik L.

Marketing Brand Manager

Abby For Site
Abby M.

Sr. Market Development Manager, GA

Ashley M. For Site
Ashley M.

Event Coordinator, GA

Ashley M. Sales Ambassador
Ashley M.


Robert P.

Executive Sous Chef

Kam R.

Graphic Design Specialist

Shannon R. Event Coordinator For Site
Shannon R.

Event Coordinator, VA

Marina R. Staff Accountant
Marina R.

Staff Accountant

Travis R. For Site
Travis R.

Brewer II

Phil S. For Site
Phil S.

Sr. Market Development Manager, VA

Christine S Brewer
Christine S.

Quality Manager

Brad S Manager
Bradley S.

Restaurant Manager

Ellie S MCS
Ellie S.

Marketing Communications Specialist

Steven T Brewer
Steven T.

Lead Brewer

ZT19. For Site
Zach T.

Director of Marketing

Aaron W. Director Of Supply Chain
Aaron W.

Director of Supply Chain

Ashley W Admin. Support Specialist
Ashley W.

Administrative Support Specialist

Chad W Sales
Chad W.


Core Values

Customer Centricity: We have a customer-first mentality with our guests, employees, retailers and community. We lead with yes and act in an environmentally, socially responsible and sensitive manner.

Perfection: We strive for perfection in everything we do. We pay attention to details. We strive to do the right things, the right way, all the time.

Authenticity: We stand firm in our beliefs; we are true to ourselves and do not take ourselves too seriously.

Quality: Quality is our top priority in everything we do. We take a long-term view and never cut corners. We never compromise.

Creativity: We empower our employees and encourage courageous communication to inspire creativity. We encourage meaningful internal collaboration that foster innovation.

Transparency: We are open, candid and transparent in all of our interactions.

Integrity: We maintain and exemplify highly ethical standards at all times. We expect this from ourselves and our partners.

Core Behaviors

We care about each other first and foremost as family, secondly as employees.

We employ a best idea wins philosophy.

We are a flat and apolitical organization.

We talk to people, not about them.

We communicate directly, candidly and honestly without interrupting others.

We are one company with one voice.

Bad news travels more quickly than good news.

If you are not serving our customers, you should be serving someone who is.

Executives are here to support our team, not the inverse.