New Realm Distilling Co presents

A Small Batch Strawberry & Wildflower Gin

New Realm Distilling Co's Small Batch Strawberry Gin
The Best Restaurant in Town!

A Taste of Summertime in Georgia

Gin distilled in Savannah with local ingredients

Strawberry & Wildflower Honey Gin

New Realm’s Strawberry Gin is a friendly sipper with notes of juniper, citrus and ripe strawberries. A small batch, it is distilled to the highest quality and rested on wild Savannah strawberries and finished with a touch of Savannah Bee Company® Wildflower honey for a true taste of summertime.

The Best Restaurant in Town!

Distiller’s Notes

“The goal with this product was to bottle fresh strawberry. No grandma’s candy sweet, artificial flavoring nonsense – just real high quality ingredients and no funny business. We started with 50lbs of ripe strawberries that were meticulously sorted and cored by hand. Some were distilled to create a subtle strawberry distillate and the remaining were rested with this distillate for 22 hours. The elixir was finished with a touch of Savannah Bee Company wildflower honey to bring out all that strawberry goodness and add a rich floral background that really comes through in a cocktail. The result is a delicate spirit that can only be described as biting into a freshly picked berry on a cool summer night. Cheers!”

Kevin Ford: Master Distiller

Kevin Ford

New Realm Distilling Master Distiller

The Best Restaurant in Town!
Strawberry Gin Fizz

Strawberry Gin Fizz

Fresh, local strawberries muddled with lemon juice, simple syrup, and our small batch strawberry gin. Garnished with a fresh strawberry, mint and all the love in Georgia.

The Best Restaurant in Town!
New Realm's Strawberry Gin

Limited Edition Bottles

The limited release of Strawberry Gin will be available while bottles last. Each bottle is hand numbered, wax dipped and features a unique label, hand drawn by a SCAD-trained local artist.

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