Return of the Hoptripper

IPA in barrels

Shortly after I published my book on IPA in 2012, I started a blog, which I called Hoptripper. It seemed like the thing to do at the time! My goal at the beginning was to share information and photos from my IPA research that didn’t make it into the book for whatever reason. I had uncovered a lot of really great information and had some great photographs, but I simply ran out of room to include all of it in the book. But over time, the blog naturally evolved into more than that. I wrote about beer related trips I made, my thoughts on the state of the brewing industry, fun stories from my past, and occasionally getting on my soapbox and discussing polarizing topics like quality, and what being a brewmaster actually means.

In the middle of the time when we were so busy working on New Realm Atlanta, I inadvertently let my website license lapse, and I lost access to my blogs. Someone bought the domain name (which I learned is pretty common) and I thought my writings were lost forever. But with the help of some friends, I got most of them back and now have them safely filed. My friend Dan from The Full Pint has a few of them archived on the website-you can find them by searching for “hoptripper” in his website’s search bar.

I’m happy to say that I am going to start writing my blog again, and it will be posted on our New Realm website. And now that I live in the Southeast, I’m looking forward to sharing a bit about the wonderful beer cultures I’ve been seeing in so many of the regions and cities I am now exploring. I may not be posting on a regular basis, but when I come across something interesting, I’ll try to share it. I may also dredge up some of my old blogs and compare and contrast where we were then vs where we are now. I’m looking forward to continuing to write about this wonderful business we are in, and how quickly it is changing, as it always has!

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