Hazy Dipper Pale Ale + Tropic Dream Fruited Wheat Launched

New Realm Brewing Sends Taste Buds on a Trip with New Releases: Haze Dipper and Tropic Dream!

ATLANTA, GA – There’s something exciting flowing through the tanks at New Realm Brewing Company. After months of innovation and taproom trials, New Realm is launching two new beers to join the company’s core brand lineup. Haze Dipper and Tropic Dream are two very different ales with two very different sipping destinations. Haze Dipper is a Galactically Juicy Hazy Pale Ale that will transport drinkers to a world all their own. Tropic Dream is a Fruited Wheat Ale brewed with all-natural Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, and Guava juices for a beer that has a beautifully balanced and tropical taste.

Point your gaze toward the heavens, because an all-new Hazy Juicy Pale Ale is coming soon to New Realm’s core lineup. This otherworldly domain is known as Haze Dipper, the realm within the New Realm known for its striking haze nebulas and array of juicy hop constellations. With its glistening tropical fruit notes and celestial sweet orange marmalade aromatics, Haze Dipper will delight craft beer lovers. So, reach for your glass and float away into a world all your own.

“We brewed this Hazy Juicy Pale Ale with a unique combination of American and Australian hops, giving Haze Dipper a complex and fun hop presence. Australian Vic Secret Hops provide this beer with some lime character, as well as tropical fruit, floral, and spice notes. Comet is an old-school, almost forgotten classic American Hop that is loaded with citrus and pine character. Finally, we amped up the hop profile by combining these two hops with Citra. The result is an irresistible beer with glistening tropical fruit notes and celestial sweet orange marmalade aromatics.” said Mitch Steele, Co-Founder and Brewmaster of New Realm Brewing.

Tropic Dream is a Fruited American Wheat Ale that will take you to destinations more beautiful than your wildest dreams. Brewed with both pale and wheat malts, what makes Tropic Dream complete is its delicious blend of all-natural blood orange, passion fruit and guava juices. Tropic Dream’s slightly tart and smooth finish will set beer lovers palates afloat on the high seas headed someplace both exotic and sunny.

“Tropic Dream is a Fruited Wheat Ale that we have been experimenting with for over nine months to find the most balanced and delicious flavor combination.” said Mitch Steele, Co-Founder and Brewmaster of New Realm Brewing. “Our Innovation Team brewed eight distinct Fruited Wheat Ales, each with a different flavor profile, and then put the beer through a series of taste panels before landing on our favorite flavor combination, a blend of Passionfruit, Blood Orange, and Guava Juices. Tropic Dream has a prominent tropical fruit character, with a slight tartness and smooth finish. It’s light, refreshing, and a beer that we are really proud of.”

Haze Dipper and Tropic Dream will be joining New Realm’s year-round core lineup in early March 2022. These Ale’s will be available on draft and in New Realm’s brewery to-go coolers, as well as your favorite retailers around Georgia, Virginia, and parts of South Carolina.


Haze Dipper Information:

Style: Hazy Pale Ale

Specs: 5.3% ABV / 25 IBUs

Appearance: Gold

Package: 12 oz 6 packs and Draft

Distribution: Throughout Georgia, Virginia, and downstate South Carolina

Availability: March 2022


Tropic Dream Information:

Style: American Wheat Ale

Specs: 5% ABV / 20 IBUs

Appearance: Light Gold

Package: 12oz 6 packs, 12oz 15packs and, Draft

Distribution: Throughout Georgia, Virginia, and downstate South Carolina

Availability: March 2022

New Realm products are available at its locations as well as at bars and retail outlets throughout Georgia, Virginia, and downstate South Carolina. For a complete list of locations, hours, information on private events and public tours, as well as additional information, visit www.newrealmbrewing.com.

About New Realm Brewing:

New Realm is an American craft brewery and distillery started in 2016 by co-founders Carey Falcone, Bob Powers and Mitch Steele. The Company has a flagship brewery and restaurant in Atlanta, GA, a production brewery and restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA, and brewery restaurant in Charleston, SC.  New Realm’s core principles are quality, creativity, authenticity, and striving for perfection, all with a customer-centric community focused commitment and approach.

New Realm’s awards include: Brewbound’s “Rising Star” brewery, Ratebeer’s “Best New Brewer in Georgia,” Ratebeer’s 11th “Best New Brewer in the World”, and Virginia Craft Beer Cup’s gold medal and “Best in Show” for Euphonia Pilsner. Brewmaster Mitch Steele was awarded the Russell Scherer Award for Innovation in Brewing and authored the book IPA: Brewing Techniques, Recipes and the Evolution of India Pale Ale.


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