Tropic Dream Fruited Wheat Ale
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Hand-crafted beers and spirits, all made in-house under the watchful guidance of Brewmaster Mitch Steele. Our bartenders use these fabulous creations to construct cocktails with a touch of Savannah in every glass.


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Savannah Microbrew Specialty brews created right here in our Savannah Brewhouse and Distillery


This Kolsch has nice fruity esters, a touch of hop bitterness and finishes crisp and refreshing.  

14oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Taster: 2.50

Core Brands


Hoptropolis is a thriving hop mecca built upon a foundation of Citra, Mosaic, Azacca and Loral hops to add lots of mango and pineapple notes.  


This golden, German-style pilsner combines tradition with modern hopping techniques for a nice floral hop character.  

Hazy Like a Fox

Pineapple and tangerine hop aromatics while its taste is very soft with a juicy orange and tangerine finish.  

14oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Taster: 2.50

Porters & Stouts

Oaxaca Choca

Oaxaca Choca (pronounced: WA-HA-KA CHA-KA) is our Imperial Mexican Chocolate Stout brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, chili peppers & locally roasted cacao nibs from our BeltLine neighbors Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate at Krog Street Market in Atlanta.  

Fruited Wheat

Tropic Dream

Set sail on the high seas and arrive at destinations more beautiful than your wildest dreams.  

14oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Taster: 2.50


Beach Bounty

Lager with Lime & Sabro Hops

14oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Draft: 2.50

Blackberry Smoke American Lager

This collab beer celebrates the 21st birthday of our rockin' friends at Blackberry Smoke! Expect a fresh and flavorful take on a classic American style featuring Hallertau, Hersbrucker & Lemondrop hops.  

14oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Taster: 2.50


Haze Dipper

A Hazy Juicy Pale Ale hopped with Comet, Citra and Australian Vic Secret that transports you with its glistening tropical fruit notes and celestial sweet orange marmalade aromatics.  

14oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Taster: 2.50


Munich Dunkel

Pours a beautiful crystal-clear brown with a tan head of foam.  


One of our most popular taproom beers! This delicious German-style wheat beer was concocted by our brewer Eric, who spent many years brewing German beers in a German-style brewhouse here in ATL.  

14oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Taster: 2.50


Rustic Refuge

Brewed in Daniel Island, SC, This classic farmhouse ale finishes dry and crisp, with soft notes of pepper, banana and hay.  

14oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Taster: 2.50

The Commissioner

This Belgian influenced Golden Ale beer was brewed to commission New Realm Brewing Co's first packaging lines.  

14oz Draft: 7.50
4oz Taster: 2.50


Tart Blossom

12oz Draft: 7.00
4oz Taster: 2.50

New Realm Brewing Tap List
  • New Realm Brewing Tap List

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    featuring New Realm's finely crafted spirits...

    SLUSHIE - Guayabera

    A strawberry-guava limeade made with New Realm Vodka!

    : 12.00

    SLUSHIE - Mr. Rogers

    A frozen twist on a reliable classic - Bourbon, Cola, and Grenadine!

    : 12.00

    Burn It Down

    New Realm Peppered Cilantro Vodka, fresh orange and lime.  

    : 12.00

    Classic Mint Julep

    New Realm Bourbon, simple, soda and mint.  

    : 12.00

    Fresh Berry Mojito

    New Realm Rum, fresh lime, simple, soda, mint and fresh berries.  

    : 11.00

    Georgia Old Fashioned

    New Realm Peach Bourbon, simple, Luxardo and orange.  

    : 13.00

    It's Electric!

    New Realm Vodka, fresh lemon, simple, soda and blueberry.  

    : 10.00

    Low Country Bloody Mary

    New Realm Bacon Vodka and house mix.  

    Regular Vodka: 10.00
    Bacon Vodka: 12.00

    New Realm 75

    New Realm Gin, fresh lemon, simple, and Tart Blossom Raspberry Hibiscus Sour!

    : 12.00
    : 12.00

    Rumming Through My Mind

    New Realm Pineapple Rum, fresh pineapple and lime juice, simple and cilantro.  

    : 12.00

    Sweet Southern Tea

    New Realm Vodka, Gin, Rum and Bourbon, peach syrup, sour and Coke.  

    : 12.00

    The Phil Collins

    New Realm Cucumber Gin, fresh lemon, simple, soda and basil.  

    : 12.00

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